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Photom Hakuto - Visual Fault Locator

  Visual Fault Locator: 365A   

365A - Mini Fault Catcher von Photom Hakuto



  • It is a minimum, and the lightness in pocket-size.
  • For about 6km and the long distances. the fuel spray travel of a visible source of light
  • It corresponds to all optical connectors φ2.5mm with a universal adaptor.
  • About ten hours can continuously be used with one single San battery.
Device LD
Wavelength(nm) 650±15nm
Fiber SM,GIφ2.5mm Ferrule
Output >+5dBm(Typ.)
Output mode CW,2Hz
Connector Universal Type, φ2.5mm Ferrule
Function Auto power OFF
Powersupply 10hours (CW Mode, Alkali Battery)
Temperature/Humidity 0~35°C, 80%RH or less(Non-condensing)
Dimensions/Weight 65(W)×120(H)×24(D)mm/Approx.130g (Including batteries)
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